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NACD Technical Assistance Grant RFP Request

For full consideration, this application must be completed and submitted prior to June 6, 2021, 11:59 PM (ET)

To date, through cooperative agreements with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), NACD has awarded $64 million to further enhance conservation district technical assistance across the nation. Most of the granted funds were awarded directly to conservation districts to hire staff where additional capacity is needed to improve customer service and reduce workload pressure. This application form is required if you are interested in receiving some of the funds available through the current RFP announcement.  

If you aren't familiar with NACD's TA grants, you can find information on our website: TA Grants and refer to the RFP announcement for the full application details and requirements. There is also a FAQ on the website which might answer some of your questions. 

Before completing this form you must talk to your State/Territory Conservation Partnership Leadership*.  These funds are to be directed to the areas with the highest needs determined by that leadership and you need them to be aware of your interest before an application should be completed. They will tell you if you may complete this form. 

* Your conservation partnership is made up of the National Conservation Partnership organizations that are active within your state/territory. For most states/territories, these partnerships include representatives of a state/territory’s association of conservation districts, NRCS, state conservation agency, association of conservation district employees, and RC&D association. 

Tribal applicants should contact their state level Tribal Association (if applicable) and inform the NRCS State Conservationist in the state the project is located in. 

Have you been told by your state/territory conservation leadership you may submit an application?*

I'm sorry, you need to stop and talk to your state/territory conservation leadership before you go any farther. 

For most state/territory applicants we require you to contact your state leadership before you submit an application.  They have paperwork they must complete and submit directly to NACD before your application can be accepted. It is important that you inform them of your interest before you continue. 

For tribal applicants, contact your state-level Tribal Association (if applicable) and your NRCS State Conservationist.  There is a form your NACD Region Rep can provide (or Chessa Frahm) that will need to be signed and submitted to the NACD Region Rep. 

When you are ready to complete this application, you may need a couple of documents completed and have them ready to upload as part of the submission. 

  • Completing this form will require you to complete and upload the Budget Worksheet.  The Worksheet can be downloaded here: TA Budget Worksheet or, contact your NACD Region Representative or Chessa Frahm to be emailed a copy. (You can find your Region Rep at NACD-Region-Reps

  • If the project will have staff working in multiple districts/tribal districts beyond whomever has the MOA with NACD, then we will need you to upload documents (see the FAQ for suggestions on how to document it) stating they concur with the proposed project.  If you are a state/territory organization and the project will be covering the entire area you cover, check with your Region Rep, or Chessa Frahm for what will be needed.


- Questions marked with an * are required.  Your answers may open additional questions. 

- To navigate between fields, use the tab button, not enter. Pressing enter will attempt to submit your incomplete form and drop you to the last question.

- If you click "Submit" at the bottom of the page and nothing happens, then there is something missing that we're requiring.  Please scroll back up and see what's highlighted. 

Save and Resume: At the bottom of each page of the report you will find a Save & Resume button. When clicked, it will display a unique link that will be required to resume your progress; you will have the option to have the link emailed to you as well. 

  • NACD CANNOT reproduce the link and your partial submission will be permanently lost - Save your link
  • Partially submitted data expires after 30 days. Try to return to your link within the time frame.  

- When you complete the form it will go to your Region Rep.  They will be able to edit the form and add or correct any info if needed. You can find their contact info Here

- There is a PDF of screenshots of the entire form available if you would like a preview of the information you will need to complete the form. Application Preview

- When you submit your application, a confirmation email will be sent to the email entered in the application.  It will include a pdf of what you've submitted.  

If you have any questions, please contact your NACD Region rep  or Chessa Frahm (chessa-frahm@nacdnet.org or 202.595.9187).

This report is organized in five sections.  Each section is prompted to open when you complete a question in the prior section. Each section is required. 

Section 1 - Applicant Info and Past TA Grant Agreements

Section 2 - Project Funding (TA Budget Worksheet) will need to be completed and uploaded

Section 3 - Project Proposal

Section 4 - Project Staffing

Section 5 - Closing and Signature

Ready to begin? *

Applicant Info

Section 1 of 6

Please refer to the map for the NACD regions. 

If you click on the map, it will open in another tab.

NACD Region*
Refer to map above

When entering contact information, please enter the organization who will be handling the funds and the person we should contact if we have any questions.  

If funded, this is who the MOA will be with.
Name - Point of Contact for Questions*

Past TA Grant Agreements

Did you have a previous Technical Assistance grant? *
Are all of the previous TA grants closed?
Please don't include match spent. Do include anything spent since your last report. Your best estimate is fine.
When do you expect to finish spending the remaining funds?
Ready to discuss your current request?*
First tell us what you want for funding.

Project Funding

Section 2 of 5

This year's grant funding cycle will be referred to as TA2021.  

The funds available are in three different programs and depending on what work you hope to address will determine which funds (or mix of funds) you should request.  Discussing your proposed project with your State/Territory Conservation Leadership and local NRCS staff should determine your request.  Each of the funds have distinct uses and deliverables. Here is an explanation of what should fall under each account: 

(if NRCS staff disagrees, use their explanation)

EQIP -  is time spent focused on moving from applying for an EQIP contract to certifying the practice is completed.

CSP – is for CSP work similar to EQIP, but also includes time spent explaining CSP either to an individual or as part of a field day as a presentation.

COTA – is time spent on planning and technical assistance. It can include from preliminary meetings with producers to figure out what might be done to help them, to long-range written conservation plans either for an individual operation up to a watershed or state-wide landscape. 

Refer to the RFP for what funding is available. 

For all requests and match amounts, please round to the nearest dollar. 

Your request should reflect what you need for one year's funding. 


Proposed Match Budget

The TA Budget Worksheet can be downloaded here: TA Budget Worksheet or, contact your NACD Region Representative or Meg Leader to be emailed a copy.

Complete the shaded areas of the worksheet and then upload below. 

If you aren't familiar with what can count as match, particularly in-kind match, you might review Financial Reporting first. 

Calculated automatically
TA Budget Worksheet Upload*
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
From your TA Budget Worksheet
Total budget is the sum of grant and match funds and calculated automatically
Explain the source(s) of your match and what is cash match or in-kind credit. These grants do not allow for indirect costs.

Ready to discuss the details of your Proposal? *

Project Proposal

Section 3 of 5

What do you hope to accomplish with these funds?  

Please remember that the funds should only be used for work under the three programs with funding.  Other work (including CRP) is not supported with these grants.

No more than 100 words - if your project is funded, this is what will be shared on the TA Grant map.

This would include both EQIP and CSP Contracts
This would only include work on EQIP Practices
This would include all interactions funded with CSP or COTA funding
Presentations as part of a field day, or to a small groups in another meeting setting
CSP plans or full conservation plans using COTA funds
Describe the importance of the work to be undertaken with Technical Assistance funds. If you are requesting planning funds, explain the need for planning funds. You don't need to go over 300 words.
Have you included all your proposed accomplishments?*
Next we'll look at your project staffing.

Project Staffing

Section 4 of 5

Please tell us what staff or contractors will be working on the deliverables. 

For Larger (geographically) Projects

Since the project will have staff working in multiple districts/tribal districts beyond whomever has the MOA with NACD, then we will need you to upload documents (scanned emails or pdfs are fine) stating they concur with the proposed plan of work.  If you are a state/territory organization and the project will be covering the entire area you cover, check with your Region Rep, or Meg Leader for what will be needed. 

If you need to upload more than three documents, please email the others to your Region Rep. 

Are you a state/territory organization with a large project?*
And this project covers your entire region.
Concurrence Document 1*
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Concurrence Document 2*
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Concurrence Document 3*
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.

Project-Supported Staff

Please include any staff who will be paid with Project Funds (NACD Grant or Local/State/Regional Match.)  Staff refers to anyone working on your Technical Assistance Project, that includes contractors and regular staff who have been tasked to spend a set portion of their time achieving the accomplishments you are proposing, as well as anyone you are paying as an employee with the TA grant funds. 

Do not include your board members. 

Choose the best fit from the job categories available. Many staff might fit in more than one category, please choose the 'best' fit. There is an "Other" if none of them are close. 

General Staff Categories:

Technical Specialist - Requires specialized training beyond the other general categories. Examples include Agronomist, Conservation Outreach, Cultural Resource, Engineer, Forester, Watershed Coordinator, Biologist and Grazing Specialist.  

Resource Technician - Including Conservation Technician and Urban Technician - Most grant funded staff fall into this category.

Resource Conservationist/Planner

Program Management Specialist - Including Program Coordinators

Organization Management - Manager, Administrator, Executive Director, Financial Manager, Equipment Manager or similar

Other - when you have a staff member that doesn't fit into one of the categories above. 

Calculated automatically
Include time funded with both grant and match funds
1 FTE is equal to 2,080 hours
Have you accounted for all staff? *
Just some final details to complete

Closing and Signature

Section 5 of 5

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.  

When you click submit, the email you entered above will shortly receive a confirmation with a PDF of what you submitted. Please check your spam filter if you do not get it within the hour.

Would you like the PDF to also go to a second email?*

When you submit an application -  

We discuss all requests with the leadership of your state/territory conservation partnership to ensure we continue to direct funds to the highest priority areas in each state/territory.

Selection of applications for funding will depend on the following factors:

  • Availability of funds in each program area (EQIP, CSP, COTA) 

  • Guidance from the leadership of the state/territory conservation partnership

If your application is accepted, this document will serve as the Exhibit 1 of your MOA.

Your information will now go to your NACD Region Rep.  They will be in contact if they have any questions. 

If you hit submit before you are ready, contact them.  They will be able to make a small revision, or you can let them know if you plan to resubmit. 

Please take a moment to review what you have entered above. Once your Region Rep's review is complete, it will be harder to make revisions.  

Check with your NACD Region Rep or Meg Leader, meg-leader@nacdnet.org 812-512-1811, if you have any questions.

This can be signed by a staff person or official of the organization listed above as long as they are authorized to complete the application. 

Use your mouse or finger to draw your signature above
Ready to Submit?*

NACD Region Rep Review

You should be able to revise anything the applicant entered after you speak with them. 

If they aren't listed on a state signature list, contact the state leadership for guidance on how they want to handle the application. 

Please remember that you can reload any document that they need to revise and make any changes to what they have entered.  

Review the mailing address

This will be where finance sends their funds and is automatically generated from what is entered.  Check that info isn't entered twice, or incomplete. 

Refer to the Google Sheets to confirm whether they had a previous TA Grant.  

If they had a TA grant, see if it is closed. If it isn't closed, refer to the Funds Burn Rate sheet and see if their estimate is practical. 

For TA2019 Grants

For TA2020 Grants

The Funds Burn Rate sheet, column J, has the burn rate calculation and will indicate if it is closed. 

If their estimate is within 90 days of the calculation, it's fine.  

If their estimate is more than a quarter earlier than the calculation, please discuss with the grantees to make sure they have solid support of why they are expecting to spend it faster. Put a note in the space below if they have satisfied you. 

Review their Proposed Accomplishments just to make sure nothing seems out of line.  Remember they should not be including CRP work. 

Review their list of Districts and check that all concurrence documents are completed and uploaded. Please make sure the number of districts matches the list of names.  Counties that aren't their own district shouldn't be included. 

Review their Budget Worksheet 

1. Does it agree with what they entered for their Total Grant Request and Budgeted Match. 

2. Supplies and Equipment is no more than 10% of the Project Budget

3. Salary/Fringe and Contracted Labor is at least 80% of the Project Budget

4. Review anything claimed as in-kind match. Using Operating Budget funds is usually cash match and not in-kind. 

If any fails, please contact the grantee for a corrected budget.  You can then upload the new budget. 

Is the NACD Region Correct?*
When you mark 'No' it will come to Meg and I'll reassign.
Past TA Grant Info Correct? *
In particular, the exhaustion date
Budget Worksheet Check*
Number of districts and names consistent?*
In section 4
Concurrence Documentation acceptable? *
Upload the TA Signature Sheet*
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From the Signature Sheet
Ready for consideration? *
If it needs to be resubmitted, please contact them and let them know.
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